5 tips to boost your Android experience

droidy - 5 tips to boost your Android experience

Android is everywhere. The major rival to Apple’s iOS is a popular choice across a variety of smartphones and tablets. As with any operating system, there’s a learning curve. Even if you’re already well acquainted with Android, it’s easy to overlook some of the many tips and tricks that can make your experience better.

Just remember there can be quite a lot of variance between different versions of Android, so you may have to hunt a little to find the right settings, and some features may not work with older operating systems.

Some of these tips are deceptively simple, but they’ll make your Android experience easier and more enjoyable. So go ahead and put them to work and take your Android skills to the next level up.

1. Put some smarts into your lock screen

You’re good about keeping your Android phone locked down. You have a password, a PIN, a pattern, or a fingerprint that’s required to access your phone. That’s a smart security move, but sometimes you want convenience. This is where the Android Smart Lock feature comes in. It lets you keep your phone or tablet unlocked in certain situations, like when you’re near your home.

Head to your Settings and look for the Security menu. Choose Smart Lock and open it. This gives you a suite of options ranging from on-body detection to Voice Match, which lets you unlock the device with your voice.

If you’re new to this, then you might want to start with the “Trusted places” setting and set up your home as the place to keep your phone unlocked. You could also set more locations, like your workplace, but keep in mind your phone will remain unlocked in those locations if you happen to leave it sitting somewhere.

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