5 ways to fix an Android phone that won’t charge

Android low battery - 5 ways to fix an Android phone that won't charge

Your phone is dead. Worse, you’ve been charging your Android smartphone all night or in the car.

Yet, something is wrong. It’s dead and everything you need to get done is put on hold so you can rush to your cellphone provider’s store and either pay big bucks to get it fixed or pay hundreds of dollars for a new Android smartphone.

Don’t do that – yet. Before you spend any money, try these five FREE, straightforward tips to get your Android up and running, and don’t skip a bonus tip that you must try!

1. Check your power source

It’s easy to panic when your phone’s not charging. So, you look for the fastest solution, like replacing your smartphone with an expensive, new one.

But there’s a good chance that your Android smartphone might not be the problem. Start by checking the power source that you’re using.

If you are plugged into a wall socket, unplug your smartphone and try a different outlet. Or plug your USB connection into your laptop.

2. Change your charging cable

Your charging cables go through a lot of wear and tear, if you’re like most people. You’re constantly yanking them out of your smartphone or out of the power source.

You’ll notice the cable fraying over time. Check your cable if you’re unable to charge your smartphone.

3. Change your wall adapter

Your smartphone could also be dying while charging because the wall adapter you’re using is on the fritz. Try a different one.

Or, if you don’t have multiple adapters at home, try plugging it directly into your laptop. You could also try charging at a public charging station or your cellphone provider’s store.

By Kevin Downey

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