7 great ways to customize your Android phone

android customization - 7 great ways to customize your Android phone

A new smartphone is a blank slate. You change the wallpaper, download your favorite apps, add a cool case, and eventually your smartphone becomes unique to you. When it comes to Android phones, there are some easy ways to really make it your own.

Customizing your Android phone can mean a lot of things. It’s about the look of the phone, as well as how it functions.

Some people choose to root their phones in the quest for customization. This is a process that gives you deep access to the operating system. It gives the user a lot of power over the phone, but has certain risks and can void the warranty. We’ll leave that one up to power users and instead focus on what you can do without rooting.

Keep in mind that different versions of the Android operating systems can have different settings and options, so you may need to hunt around a little to get to the right place to make some of these customizations.

1. Decorate with wallpaper

If you’re still rocking the background your phone came with, then it’s time to pick a look that’s a little more you. To change the background, hold down on a blank space on your home screen and select “Wallpapers” when it pops up at the bottom. Here, you can change the look for both your home screen and lock screen from a variety of options covering everything from landscapes to cityscapes to geometric shapes. You can also select from your own photos for a truly custom appearance.

2. Add widgets

Widgets are little programs that hang out on and run from your home screen. They’re different from full-fledged apps, and are an incredibly convenient way to make your home screen more useful. You can access your widgets settings in the same way you change your wallpapers. Touch and hold down on a blank spot on your home screen and choose “Widgets.”

3. Install a launcher

If you really want to shake up your Android layout, then look to a new launcher to change your icons and personalize the look of your home screen, making it as minimal or as fancy as you like. It’s like giving your phone a fashion makeover.

You can browse the Google Play store to find a launcher to your liking. Not sure where to start? Check out the highly rated Nova Launcher, which gives you options for a scrollable dock, custom grids for your apps and widgets, and endless choices for icon themes. The standard version is free while the upgraded Prime version costs $4.99.

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