8 signs it’s time to update or replace your Android

Android mascot next to phone - 8 signs it's time to update or replace your Android

Over time you will find yourself tethered to an outlet. Yes, there are actions you can take when your Android battery is draining in the hopes of extending the life of your mobile device. However, if the battery continues to deplete at a rapid rate, save yourself the frustration and grab a new cellphone.

Touch screen isn’t responding

If your Android has gone cold to your touch, it may be a sign you need a replacement. No amount of swiping or tapping will return the response you want. When you observe gestures are incorrectly registered or ignored, your Android is calling it a day and is begging you to move on.

Phone seems slow, not just the internet but everything

Slow and steady may win the race (on occasion), but when it comes to your Android, slow is merely slow and that’s not good. You have other tasks to tend to outside of watching your mobile device crawl through processes. Implementing this quick trick may help speed up your Android for a while, but a replacement will provide the greater operating capability for your needs.

Apps crashing

Having an app for almost every task is convenient and cool, but watching certain ones crash frequently can be soul-crushing. This occurrence may be the result of a poorly created or buggy app, insufficient system resources, or lack of storage on your Android.

By Christa Geraghty

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