Activate this Android 10’s hidden features on any phone

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Grab your phone, go rinse off those curiously greasy mitts of yours, and let’s do a little creative tinkering — Android-10-style.

Hidden feature #1: Focus Mode

What it is: Android 10’s Focus Mode is a system designed to help you — wait for it — focus! By golly, who woulda thunk. And how does it help you focus, you might be wondering? Why, by eliminating distractions caused by certain apps, of course, you inquisitive little gibbon.

How you can try it now: If you’re ready to focus on Focus Mode this instant, you’ve got two intriguing options.

First, if you’re running the latest Android Q/10 beta or if you have Android 9 on your phone, you can force an in-progress version of the official Focus Mode feature to appear almost immediately. Just open up the Play Store page for Google’s Digital Wellbeing app from your phone, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and look for the section labeled “Join the beta.” Tap the green “Join” text and follow the steps to enroll yourself in the app’s beta program.

By JR Raphael

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