How to Adjust Music Quality to Save Data While Listening

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The nemesis of music streamers is data caps, cell phone or otherwise. Restricting monthly data and forcing users to decide between quantity and quality of music has had audiophiles tearing their hair out since streaming toppled the iPod. While the problem regarding music quality seems difficult to tackle, it’s far from impossible.

Google Play Music has a number of features integrated that can help preserve your precious monthly data cap. It does so by using your phone’s spare storage as a resource, automatically creating a cache of songs you frequently listen to — even letting you download albums, playlists, and radio stations.

Step 1.

Go to the Music Quality Settings

On both iOS and Android, tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner. Then, tap “Settings” to get started.

The relevant settings on Android are under the Playback and Downloading headers. On iOS, they’re housed in Streaming & Downloading. For the most part, these settings are synonymous across the two platforms. There are a couple exceptions, but I won’t talk about them until they come up. For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to follow the lead of Android’s settings, as they already break everything up nicely.

Step 2.

Adjust Wi-Fi Streaming Settings

As previously, mentioned, the settings that I’m going to bring up here can be found in Playback on Android, and Streaming & Downloading on iOS. The first item, “Stream only on Wi-Fi,” (“Stream via Wi-Fi only” on iOS) should only be checked if you’re really tight on data, as it prevents any streaming on mobile data. If you’re on an especially stingy mobile plan, this is a perfectly reasonable way to make sure you stay within your limit.

Step 3.

Adjust Mobile Network Streaming Settings

This is where things get a little dicey. Mobile carriers own the data-consuming souls of the vast majority of Americans, forcing them under a ruthless data cap. Even for those with “unlimited” plans, there’s a good chance that your provider will throttle your speeds after you hit a certain threshold.

One way to combat going over your cap is to be frugal when streaming via mobile data. Unless you have a truly unlimited data plan, I highly recommend choosing “Low” under “Quality on mobile network” (“Mobile networks stream quality” on iOS).


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