Android App that Helps Predict the Weather

20130103 PRESSURE NET APP 019edit 660x440 - Android App that Helps Predict the Weather

Atmospheric scientists are working with an app developer to take air pressure information that is already being collected from thousands of Android phones and feed it into sophisticated new climate models. If they get enough buy-in from Android owners, you may be able to receive warning hours in advance about thunderstorms and tornadoes coming to your precise location with far more certainty than you can today.

With Android 3.0, Google added support for atmospheric sensors into the operating system. The point wasn’t to enable barometer apps, although there are many of those now, but to help with location finding. Atmospheric pressure changes with altitude, so comparing the pressure reading collected from a phone against readings taken from nearby stationary weather stations will help pinpoint the altitude of the phone.

Your Android Phone Could Help Scientists Predict Your Weather [via]

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