Android devices can also get infected with malware

how to protect your android phone from malware en - Android devices can also get infected with malware

The consequences of Android virus can vary from financial losses in case of ransomware or significant decreases in your smartphone’s performance. Typically, the gadget starts to crash, freeze or the battery lasts shorter. Remember that malicious programs often work in the background without your notice. Thus, you should carefully follow the signs of malware infection.

Virus possess an appearance of a genuine app

Recently, Google experts have detected and removed fake workout apps from Google Play which imitated legitimate programs while secretly functioning as Tizi spyware. Even though it mainly targeted Nigeria and Kenya, the rate of Android virus infections has significantly increased over the last months in other countries as well.

It is clear that people might not identify untrustworthy applications which they can get directly from Google Store. Shortly after they install unreliable programs, they receive a request to give administrative rights (API). In other terms, these rights permit the app to do the following actions:

  • Prompt the device’s owner to set a new password;
  • Perform screen lock function or lock the phone/tablet completely;
  • Wipe the data stored on the gadget;
  • Determine which storage area should be encrypted;
  • Disable/enable camera or microphone.

It is clear that the Device Administration (API) allows the application to manage your phone without asking for your approval. For example, why would a flashlight app ask for those rights? Therefore, it is highly recommended to permit Admin rights only for applications from authorized developers. You can easily detect a malicious program if you carefully monitor your actions.

by Olivia Morelli

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