Android tips for taking better landscape photos

landscape photos - Android tips for taking better landscape photos

While of course you can take great landscape photos with just your phone, there are some extra bits of kit that could help you snag something really special.

Clip-on phone lenses
If your phone doesn’t have a built-in wide-angle mode (as you’ll find on the iPhone 11 ($699 at Amazon) series or Galaxy S10 Plus), you should take a look at Moment’s range of clip-on phone lenses, available for all recent iPhones, Galaxy phones, Pixels and OnePlus phones. They’re made from high-quality glass, and the wide-angle lens lets you capture an amazing, sweeping vista in a way that’s simply not possible with the standard view on your camera.

Filter adapters for your phone
Moment also makes filter adapters for screw-in 62mm filters, such as polarizers, which can help reduce reflections on water or boost the blues in the sky. Filter adapters also let you use professional-quality square Lee Filters, which slide into a holder connected to the adapter via a 62mm adapter ring. They’re something I normally use on my Canon 5D Mk4 and can make all the difference in turning an image from a simple snap into a professional-looking work of art. Of particular importance are the graduated neutral density filters, which selectively darken only the top half of the image — making it perfect for bringing those bright skies under control when you’re shooting wide landscapes.


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