Apps that makes you easy in trimming the video

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Occasional videos are also recorded on a phone these days as it is really difficult at times to carry around a DSLR with you. For this, you just need to have a video editing app on your device to make the perfect videos. There are some apps which makes your work really easy in trimming the video and they are becoming even more popular day by day. Among them the ones mentioned below are the most popular ones:

Google Photos App:

Step 1: Install the Google Photos App; then open the app and go to Albums and tap on videos.

Step 2: Open the video and tap on the edits.

Step 3: Adjust the sliders to cut the video from where you want it from the beginning to the end.

Step 4: Click Save. It will be saved on your Android device.

Viva video app

Step 1: Download the viva video app and install it on your device.

Step 2: Open the app and click on Edit Video and choose the video that you wish to edit.

Step 3: Tap on Next.

Step 4: Go to the Trim Video screen and move the sliders horizontally.

Step 5: This way you can select the portion that you wish to keep and tap on add. If you wish to have multiple clips, click on the scissors icon after each of the section that you have selected.

Step 6: You can either continue with the current one if you wish to or you can add more clips to it.

Step 7: Then click on the Next button and it will straightway direct you to the editing screen.

Step 8: There you can add background music, filters, and others. Step 9: Then you can tap on Save or upload. Step 10: If you want to export them to your device, click on Export. Step 11: Choose Normal 480P.

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