Automate tasks in Android to put your digital life on autopilot

automate task android - Automate tasks in Android to put your digital life on autopilot

Automating functions on your Android device — such as sending alerts once you’ve used a certain amount of data or texting a friend when you reach your destination — can not only make your life easier, it also uses some of that untapped potential in the small computer you carry around in your pocket and gives you time to focus on the truly important things in life, like browsing Reddit or watching Netflix (or we guess, like hanging out with friends and family).

There are tons of cheap (and free) automation apps out there that make the entire process really easy — once you know how to use them. Applications like Tasker and Automate share many similarities, so once you know how to use one of them, the rest should come pretty easily.

We decided to walk through the process of setting up automation in Automate by LlamaLab, not only because it offers a free version that you can try out before committing to a purchase, but also its simple, flowchart-based UI makes it easier to visualize and understand what’s going on.

There is a premium version of Automate as well that lets you use over 30 blocks (more on that in a sec), but for most things you’re going to be automated, less than 30 should be plenty. In our example, we’ll show you how to automatically backup Snapseed-edited photos to your Google Drive, which only involves using 3 blocks.

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