Best productivity guide for Android Phone

productivity guide - Best productivity guide for Android Phone

Keep apps within reach: Opening apps at the top of your home screen can require some serious stretching with today’s extra-large phones. Fortunately, Android doesn’t require you to put icons up there. Instead, you can leave the top two or three rows of your home screen blank, then swipe between additional home screens if need be. This’ll save your thumbs some stress and give your wallpapers room to shine as an added bonus.

Let Google remind you: Google Assistant can help you get lots of things done faster, from creating calendar appointments to sending text messages, but reminders are where it really shines. If you have a Google Home speaker, you can set reminders by voice on your phone, and they’ll play on the speaker at whatever time you’ve designated. Reminders will also flow in the opposite direction—from speaker to phone—so you’ll never miss anything important.


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