Do you still use TweetDeck for Android? TweetDeck will be retiring its Android Apps

Today’s news,  TweetDeck will be retiring its mobile apps – including TweetDeck for Android — as well as its Adobe AIR app. Specifically, the company notes that the app will not only be pulled from their respective app stores on May 7th, but they will also cease to function. One of the biggest reasons TweetDeck has to shut these apps down so soon is because the app still relies on version 1.0 of Twitter’s APIs, something Twitter will also be laying to rest in early May starting with “blackout” tests on May 5th.

No plans have been announced for new versions of TweetDeck for mobile and AIR, but we don’t expect anything more. Twitter owns the company now, and the latest changes to its API have been designed to push users away from third-party clients to the official Twitter experiences. There’s no reason for Twitter to play the favoritism game with TweetDeck in that regard, so the sunset will be permanent.

TweetDeck for Android retiring May 7th – do you still use it? by Quentyn Kennemer [via]

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