Double SMS Messages on Android Auto? Here’s how to fix it

android auto cover - Double SMS Messages on Android Auto? Here’s how to fix it

You see, Android Auto is obviously designed to be mainly used with Google’s own product lineup of software. It has Google Maps, Messages, and Play Music tightly integrated into the system. It wants you to be using first party solutions from Google for the most seamless interaction — and rightfully so. This is a Google solution to automotive entertainment.

What’s the Problem?

Unfortunately, all of this synergy sometimes leads to issues. If you are like me, you enjoy trying different apps than the default offerings by Google.

My SMS/Messages app is Pulse for instance. I love Pulse. I get that it doesn’t have the new RCS features of Android Messages, but you know what, most of my family is using iOS so it’s a moot point. Pulse allows me to text my loved ones regardless of the device as well: desktop, phone, and my bedside tablet.

How to fix the Issue

As you may have surmised by the title of this post, I was getting double the notifications in my car on Android Auto. A little checking around and playing with my phone and I found there’s a quick and easy fix:

  • Find the Settings App in your app drawer
  • Go to Apps & Notifications
  • Click Advanced at the bottom
  • Select App permissions
  • Tap SMS
  • Toggle the Android Auto option to OFF

By Andrew Allen

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