Energy Bar Keeps Your More Aware A Your Battery In A Unique Way

Energy bar for Android 610x407 2 - Energy Bar Keeps Your More Aware A Your Battery In A Unique Way

Battery power. No feature is more critical to Smartphone, tablet, and computer users than having a reliable battery. But, let’s face it. Sometimes there just isn’t much more you can do other than the basic few things to help keep your battery in good shape. Those things are, typically, lower the display brightness, turn down the sound, turn off haptic touch feedback, keep WiFi and Bluetooth settings turned off so that you don’t consume a lot of power. However, there are times where the battery won’t hold a charge no matter what you do and that just means you will have to keep a better eye on it.

Energy Bar for Android, a unique battery monitoring app does this exact thing, but it does it differently because of how it executes the way of letting you know the charge status of your battery. For example, you want to know how much power is left in your battery but you can’t because the stock battery monitor just shows a battery icon that drains without a percentage bar and that battery only adjusts after a large amount of battery power has been lost. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a solution that gives you a better picture of how much power you have remaining to your precious battery?

Battery icons look at lot alike nowadays, so it pays to be an app that makes the battery bar monitoring a little different. Energy Bar for Android comes in with a fresh take on showing battery power remaining. This app places a thin line or bar at the top of your screen that you can see from inside any app you’re in. It can be changed in the settings to show what colors it will show as the battery level drops when in use or rises when charging.

This is a feature that was available only after rooting with custom ROMs, but now is available to those who don’t wish to risk rooting their devices. You can adjust settings like thickness, behavior and where the bar is originating from. You can choose multiple colors, but if you do, you can set the colors to change at 20 percent increments. A great feature when you want just your colors to give you a quick idea of battery power.

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