Five tips that will help keep you safe in mobile online space

Here are five tips that will help keep you safe in mobile online space and empower you to do more on your mobile gizmos, with greater peace of mind.

1. Know where danger lurks 
“Malware” or malicious software and viruses have moved to the web—but do you know where you’re most likely to pick up an infection?

Yes, pornography sites are the most hazardous, according to recent research by Blue Coat Security Labs. But in fact mobile users are only visiting porn sites less than one percent of the time. The places mobile users frequently visit that have high risk include:

  • Computers/Technology: When you browse computer/technology-related sites you’re at high risk. An example: one of the first offers of an Android version of Skype was actually malware.
  • Web advertisements: Cybercriminals have been refining “malvertising” for mobile. Recently, for example, an ad for an Angry Birds download was a malicious app that actually made premium SMS calls and then billed people without their knowledge.
  • Entertainment sites: Games and gambling sites are popular destinations for mobile users — and equally popular for purveyors of malware, “phishing” exploits, and phony downloads such as PDFs or browser updates.
  • Search engines: As search engines become more widely used in the mobile online space, search engine poisoning (SEP) tactics are becoming increasingly more prevalent.

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