Free Video Calling on Android Mobile VoIP App in the Google Play Store

Vox Communications, a cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider, has added free video calling to its Android Mobile VoIP calling application. The app is immediately available to all Android phones and tablets that support video calling via the Google Play Store. All subscribers also have access to the VoX “Pay And Go” subscription-free calling plans. The subscription-free plan called “Pay and Go” can be topped up with amounts as little as one dollar and enables calling anywhere in the world without paying a monthly subscription fee.

“After an initial release via the Amazon App Store, we are now comfortable that we can support video calling to the broader audience available on the Google Play Store. We will continue to deliver features and functionality to make our app the number one mobile VoIP and video app available, and we are proud to continue to maintain the highest ranked mobile VoIP app in the store, as reviewed by customers that have downloaded the application.”- Mark Richards (VoX’s Chief Information Officer)

The VoX Mobile VoIP Android App can be viewed or downloaded here:

Vox Communications Now Provides Free Video Calling On Its Android Mobile VoIP App In The Google Play Store [via]

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