From battery life to storage, tips to keep your phone running longer

battery storage tips - From battery life to storage, tips to keep your phone running longer

While it’s easy to get lured into trading up to the latest phone model, there are ways to make your current phone perform better and last longer.

The first, be gentle with it. Even midrange phones aren’t cheap, so shell out a few extra bucks for the screen protector and protective case to minimize damage.

The top complaints about older phones are weak battery power and low available storage space, said Jeff Kelley, an iOS developer at Detroit Labs, a mobile app development firm.

Battery life: A common error people make when trying to conserve battery power is to forcibly close all their open apps such as going to the App Switcher on an iPhone, Kelley said. If you close the app normally, the iOS operating system will maintain the memory of the last usage. Force-quitting makes the app start from scratch and takes longer to load.

Storage: Most people clog up their phones unnecessarily by not using cloud storage, both Kelley and Kent said. By enabling cloud storage you can delete local copies of data (photos, documents, text messages) that hog disk space.

Cloud storage protects your data, making it easier to do a factory reset on your phone. Factory resets wipe out anything nefarious running in the background and delete unneeded cache data. Kent said he does this often with his Android because all his data is stored in the cloud.

By Debbie Carlson

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