Google Photos built-in movie editor for Android gets a vital update

Google Photos - Google Photos built-in movie editor for Android gets a vital update

Google Photos is one of the most favorite photo editing apps for many. Not only is it highly rated and used by many, the app is one of the easiest to use. Google Photos is getting even better—new movie editing tools have been rolled out. The new tools, according to 9to5google, allow you to edit multiple clips.

Really, many users are aware that Google Photos has a movie editor; but it actually does. Though, a basic tool, the update was rolled out on iOS a while ago, but is not available to those on Android. A white color scheme, which is the most notable change, has replaced the all-black background that has been a part of the app all this while.

Google has also adjusted its interface so that the main video viewer is now sitting atop, and a stack of the selected tips can be easily noticed from beneath. You can easily notice how much of clip is included in the currently loaded video file in the stack. To adjust the slide, there is no need to open the clips in a new screen since this can be done directly from the main screen.

Other equally important changes worthy of note include additional controls that allow you to move up or down clips on the timeline, muting the original audio, removing them from the timeline, replicating clips and many more.

In terms of updates and features, Google Photos remains one of the most popular apps. With more than 500 million users, things are really looking up for the photo editing tool. Last December, a new feature that allows the app to detect and group all your pet photos in one place, and alongside other photos.

Google Photos will sort out your photos based on the algorithm. Perhaps, it brings an end to typing words like “dog” or “cat” when searching for pictures of your pet within the app.

The app will also allow you to label the pictures it grouped for you—and that, of course, makes it easier to search and find the perfect portrait previously taken of your pet.

It would equally interest you to know that you can now back up all your photos along with those of your pets in the app—and that is because Google Photos now lets you do just that with ease. Thanks to a feature that was added early last year, the app now helps you to store, organize and share your photos and videos without stress. It doesn’t matter where you are and the type of connection available to you; the new automatic and faster backup feature makes it easier to back up your lovely photos.


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