How to share medical information on your phone in an emergency

Placing this information on your lock screen will allow anyone who picks up your phone to view the info without unlocking it. So, while having this info on your lock screen could be a lifesaver for people with allergies or existing health issues, those who are not under the care of a physician, it is […]

Google Fit wants to help you remember your New Year’s resolutions

January 1 is of course the day when many of us embark with great enthusiasm on a fitness-focused New Year’s resolution. But sadly, usually within just a few weeks, that well-intentioned plan is already a distant memory, the strict get-fit regime having been quietly abandoned through lack of motivation. And replaced with pizza. If that […]

Top 5 Android fitness apps to kick off your 2018 New Year’s resolution

The good news is there are hundreds of Android apps that can help you achieve your goals. Here are five of the top fitness-related apps. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular and downloaded fitness applications on the Play Store. This is because it’s an all-in-one tool that can track calories, exercise, […]

Maintain your health and mind with these 15 medical apps

Keeping up your health can be hard work — America’s rising obesity levels can attest to that. These days, we spend countless hours gawking at our smartphone displays, continually playing borderline-addicting games and watching videos that may actually have adverse affects on our health in the long run. However, your smartphone can also be robust medical accessory with the […]

Meditation startup Simple Habit adds Android, web app

Mindfulness app Simple Habit has expanded its reach, launching an Android version and also adding a web app to widen the touchpoints for what the team is hoping to build into a platform for guided meditation — touting their Spotify style subscription model as a first for the mindfulness space. Simple Habit’s initial pitch focused […]

Using the S Health app on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has covered a lot of health and fitness bases on the Galaxy S5 Health and fitness has a big focus in the Samsung Galaxy S5, something we learned from the very moment it was introduced on stage. Samsung is making it easy to get involved in tracking your activity with the heart rate sensor on […]

Using the LG Health app on the LG G3

LG is helping you track your daily exertions on the G3, if you know where to look, that is You’d be forgiven for not realizing, but on the LG G3 you can track your daily activities with the built in LG Health application. It’s actually a pretty nice application to have around to track your daily steps, […]

How to use the Heart Rate Monitor on the Galaxy S5

One of the big hardware advancements that Samsung included in the Galaxy S5 is its built-in Heart Rate Monitor, letting you keep up on your health with no additional accessories required. Even better, Samsung integrated its heart rate sensing technology into the same housing that holds the camera’s LED flash, keeping the device slim at the same […]