How Android Q system-wide dark mode works on your phone

dark theme - How Android Q system-wide dark mode works on your phone

This dark mode fixes our long-standing problem with white screens (once you install Android Q), offering a toggle to make menus black. It’s right in the notification shade.

The Dark Theme icon can be moved around, like any quick settings icon, so you can pre-order it to your heart’s content. You won’t always have to dig for it in the setting menu.

But to be clear, Android Q beta 3 Dark Theme isn’t quite system-wide yet. When we enabled it, only the Settings menu and notification shade had shifted to white-text-on-black. Some apps will have their own dark mode, though Android Q will provide third-party developers a suggested ‘dark mode’ based on their app’s look.

Ideally, the point is to offer a darker theme without splintered settings for each app. Just turn on ‘dark theme’ and it should trigger it for every app that has one.

There’s another perk to Dark Theme, besides being easy on your eyes. Battery life on OLED phone displays should be better given that individual pixels can (essentially) be turned off on the display when showing true black colours.

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