How to avoid the pileup malware exploit on Android

pileuphero - How to avoid the pileup malware exploit on Android

Those who can create malware, will create malware — no matter how sneaky they have to be to do so. The latest craze is called pileup malware. The gist of this is a seemingly innocent and harmless piece of software is installed on your device (even with the stamp of approval from your malware scanner). The initial install requires little to no permissions, so it looks perfectly safe. The problem comes when it’s time to update that software. Without needing your approval, the software will upgrade its own permissions, giving it much more access than it originally had — there’s the pileup (and the rub). You now have an official piece of harmful malware on your machine.

This whole process was discovered by researchers at Indiana University. The same team that discovered the pileup process developed an app (called Secure Update Scanner ) that will scan your device for apps that can exploit the pileup flaw. Effectively, the app is run before you update your device to check if there are any pileup exploiting apps present. This is a very important piece of software and should be installed on every one of your Android devices.

Here’s how you install and use this app.

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