How to Backup Your SMS, Calls and Whatsapp Messages to Gmail

In this how-to, It will explain on how to set up SMS Backup+ to save all your communication to Gmail. It should help you use the app for the first few times until you are familiar with its different configurations.

Step 1: Set up SMS Backup+

In order for SMS Backup+ to work, you need to enable IMAP access in your Gmail inbox. To do that, go to in your computer’s browser, click the Settings icon in the top right and choose Settings. Jump to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, and make sure you enable IMAP like in the screenshot below and make sure you save the settings. Now, you can install SMS Backup+ on your phone, click on Connect and give it access to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferences

SMS Backup+ is a very configurable app and you might get lost at first with the different settings. Here’s what you need to configure at first.

Set and Enable Auto Backup

In the main SMS Backup+ window, you need to tick the Auto Backup option. This will ensure that your device is automatically sending your new messages to Gmail in the background without you needing to lift a finger. If, instead, you’d rather manually trigger the backup, you can leave it disabled.

The Auto Backup Settings page lets you pick the frequency of the backups — from every half hour to once daily — and whether the backup should also be triggered after receiving a new message. I personally prefer to leave that last one set as Never, since I don’t receive a lot of messages and I’d rather let the app run only once daily. You can also force the app to only use WiFi, which is a wise decision if you also want to backup your Whatsapp communication.

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