How to block Spam Calls and Robocalls on Android

dreamstime m 130408802 - How to block Spam Calls and Robocalls on AndroidAndroid’s features to block robocalls and spam are quite different, though. Check out your options and start activating the apps and features you need to keep the junk at bay.

Manually block spam

Android has a few features built into its settings and native calling app that can help block spam callers and robocalls. One is a filtering system (similar to the iPhone version) and the other is a blocking and reporting system.

To turn on the filter system:

  1. Go into Settings on your Android phone, and select “Caller ID & spam.
  2. Turn on the “Filter spam calls” switch.
  3. Your phone will now automatically block calls from numbers on Google’s list of known spammers and robocallers, so your phone won’t even ring when the calls come in.

By Jessica Lanman

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