How to Convert Your Android device Into a Security Camera

gopro 1.21314 - How to Convert Your Android device Into a Security Camera

Smartphones can be really smart and capable, depending on how smartly a user can operate it. The advent of these devices have not only made our lives easier but also made our work approach much smarter. Let us look at a possible way of turning our smart device to a security system setup. This would require an Android device, a GoPro Hero 3 or any other edition of the GoPro range of adventure cameras and the GoPro App for Android. These can be used to set up a quick and simple IP based security camera system.


  1. Installation of GoPro app – Like all other Android apps, this can be found in Google Play Store. Search, download and follow installation instructions to install the app in your device.
  2. Connecting the camera – Next is to turn on the GoPro Hero 3’s Wi-Fi. Follow the same in your device and connect both of them to establish a wireless connection.
  3. Turn on the GoPro action – Get started with some GoPro action to verify live footage on your device screen simultaneously. The app quickly connects to the camera and starts streaming live captures.

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