How To Delete Keyboard History On Your Android Smartphone

delete keyboard - How To Delete Keyboard History On Your Android Smartphone

Functions searching for a file, googling something, paying for something, editing or saving contacts, etc. all need the help of a keyboard, but the catch that people don’t realize is in order to provide better predictions and be more accurate, almost everything you type is saved and stored for reference, setting the convenience of having an optimized keyboard on your beck and call to serve your needs, a lot of folks aren’t quite comfortable with the fact that everything they type, names, addresses, and passwords are all being saved.

The get around that allows you to get a little bit more control of who has access to your data and delete the stored user data from your keyboard’s history have been discussed in detail below

1) Deleting default keyboard history from your Android device If the keyboard that you are using is the default one that comes with your Android device, the steps that you need to follow are quite simple.

1. Access the settings option in your Android device.

2. Next, search and then tap on the option called “Language and Input.”

3. Select your default keyboard option.

4. Select the Reset Settings option.

5. After the step above has been completed, click on the Clear Personalized Data option.

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