How to Download Android Apps on PC for Free?

android 660x400 - How to Download Android Apps on PC for Free?

Android OS is a true currency in modern day.

Indeed, the advent of Android has facilitated the evolution of the apps faster than it ever was. There are thousands of games available in App stores for Android users. The Android users have been a bit of a torment for PC users since there are many Android apps that cannot readily play on PC. This is due to the compatibility issues with the two different operating systems. However, since there has been a fast growing demand to have such apps played on PC, there has been an equally concerted effort to explore ways of reigning in the PC users to have a taste of what Android has to offer. The good news for you is that, it is now possible to download and play the Android games on your desktop.

Download Android Apps from Google Play Store Straight To Your PC

Open the APK Downloader site and click the install now option. You will be able to download your Google Chrome Extension. In order to download the Android Apps, press Ctrl+H and open the browser history. Look at the left side of the bar; there will be the extension option which opens to an extensions page once you click on it. Once you reach this point, drag and drop your already downloaded Google Chrome extensions file. You will be asked whether you want to add a new extension. Accept and add your extension.

You Can Now Download Android Apps for PC

Now that you have added your APK extension to Google Chrome, you will be directed to a new window which gives you the choice to download the APK file. You will have to supply your email address and the Google Service Framework key.

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