How to export Google Allo data on Android

google allo - How to export Google Allo data on Android

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The steps that you need to take in order to export Google Allo Data on your smartphone has been listed in detail below:

Export Google Allo Data Although similar, there are key differences in how Google Allo data is exported for Android and iOS platforms.

Exporting Google Allo Data on Android Exporting Google Allo Data on Android, like the steps on iOS, are straightforward and as follows:

1. Launch the Allo app and click on the hamburger menu which can again be found on the top left corner of the application and click on ‘Settings.’

2. Click on Chat and choose either “Export messages from chats” and “Export media from chats” option. The first one will export your chats and the second one will export your media.

3. The next step that you will need to perform is to choose a folder where you want to save your chats. All the messages that are in your chat will be saved in a CSV file while the media will be saved inside a zip file.

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