How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

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Have you ever wondered how to find hidden apps? There are lots of reasons for doing that. Maybe you’re a concerned parent who wants to see what your kids are hiding or something like that.

We won’t ask. But, we will provide you with the information on how to do it. But, before we start, do understand that there are various methods of hiding apps and content on Android phones and tablets. Because of that, there are also various methods of discovering that hidden content.

Without any further ado, here’s how to find hidden apps on Android.

1. How to find hidden apps in a launcher

First of all, there are numerous Android launchers that allow you to hide the apps of your choosing. It’s a very simple method but also a very effective one if other people who are using the same device don’t know about that feature.

The process of finding that option differs from launcher to launcher. As you can see in the image above, we’re using Go Launcher as an example.

In Go Launcher, all you need to do is open the app drawer and click on “Hide App”. Though, in this case, a password is also required.

So, if you’re trying to see what your son is hiding or something like that, then your only option is to ask him about the password really. Some other launchers with the same feature don’t have that kind of safety mechanism, but Go Launcher does.

In any case, the procedure is more or less the same thing with most launchers. You just find the options button and the “hidden apps” option.

If that option is not there, then you can try looking into the launcher’s settings. Careful. The launcher’s settings and the phone’s settings are two different things. So, don’t get confused there.

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