How to find the camera sensor model number of your Android smartphone

camera sensor model - How to find the camera sensor model number of your Android smartphone

With thousands of smartphones floating in the market, it is critical for us to compare these smartphones before buying a buying a smartphone to make sure that you are buying the best device. You can compare the performance of the Android smartphones with the help of benchmark scores which are often released by consumer remotes.

The similar concept was borrowed for evaluating the performance of individual Android smartphones with the support of benchmarking apps. These benchmarking apps give you a complete detailed report about the performance of your Android smartphones. Information like the processor in which the smartphone is running, the RAM and the storage capacity, all can be extracted through benchmarking apps.

Popular benchmarking apps like Geekbench give you complete details about your information. Such information includes the number of cores which are present in CPU, the current clock rate of all the clocks present in the smartphone. One thing that should be noted is that such benchmarking apps don’t give you any information about the battery capacity of the phone and also the information about camera sensor.

The question that now stands if such benchmarking apps don’t provide you with the details of the camera sensor, how will you find the camera sensor model of your Android smartphone? But before answering that question, it is crucial for you to know why should you know about the camera sensor. Why should you know about the camera sensor? Most of the time while buying a smartphone, to know about the camera, the only thing that we do is check the megapixel of the camera.

The information about the megapixel of the camera only tells you about the sharpness of your camera. However, you should know that the megapixel of the camera doesn’t tell you how good or bad your camera is.

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