How to find which App causes Pop-Up Ads on Android

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Pop up ads are really annoying at times, and they are at times even considered as joy hijacking monsters. The ads which appear at the bottom or the top are different from the pop-up ads. It sometimes occupies the whole screen which indirectly disturbs the entire experience. If you press close it will definitely disappear but it is not a permanent solution. If you can identify the apps that can cause the ads, you can then uninstall them.

Since it helps in monetization, developers can keep the ads in the apps. But no one like pop up ads as they come to your face. It’s a great way to get a click as they are required so that you can generate revenue. Some of the apps even have adware for which you can see the ads. If you install a new app, the ads start appearing out of the blue.

Check all the current apps The latest apps key will show all the annoying apps. The icon and the name of the app can be seen. If you can not identify, you will have to tap and hold the app. If you hold the app info button you can see the name of the app.

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