How to Fix Android Camera Failed Problem?

android camera failed - How to Fix Android Camera Failed Problem?

Here we are going to share with you a list of all possible solution to fix these problems related to Android camera. The solutions are listed based on the potential ability of fix the issue. You will find a bunch of solutions, in case one way doesn’t work for you, try the other one.

Solution 1. Reboot the Device

This is the most basic way to make things happen in any version of Android device. This is the simplest way to overcome small issues in an Android phone. A simple reboot may fix some error issues in a device, rebooting eliminates the technical problem of a device if any. A hard System Reboot can helps in clearing excessive usage of RAM by killing background apps which are not performing any actions but consuming RAM in background; Thus giving the camera freer space to run.

Solution 2. Pull the Battery Out

Directly pulling out the battery while the device is still in power. It is a type of soft reset that can help to make your camera work once again. This trick may not be applicable for all devices as the battery may be inbuilt. Basically for most of the phones these days this trick is not gonna work but if it’s your old Android device, give it a try.

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