How to get a podcast player set up on Android

podcast 2 - How to get a podcast player set up on Android

We’ll look at some of the top choices for Android podcast apps. You may want to try out more than one to see which interface you like the most. Try these podcast apps

When you open up the Google Play Store and search for podcasts, you will find a huge array of apps to choose from. These apps help you search for, subscribe to, play, and manage your podcasts.

While there are some free podcast apps out there, some of the best options come with a small price tag that’s well worth the investment. Here are some of the most popular and highly rated apps that are worth a download.

App: Podkicker Pro

Podkicker Pro is the upgraded $1.49 version of the free Podkicker Podcast Player. The biggest reason to upgrade from the free version is the removal of ads. The Pro version also gets updates sooner than the free one. This app is rightfully lauded for its clean, easy-to-use interface. If you prefer a simple, uncluttered experience, then Podkicker delivers.

App: Pocket Casts

The $3.99 Pocket Casts podcast player has cleaned up in the reviews department with a 4.6-star user rating. The app has a “discover” feature that curates trending and popular podcasts, so you can easily browse for new podcasts. Smart filters help you organize your episodes. Pocket Casts is also available for other devices, including iOS. A handy sync feature lets you sign into the app on different devices and access all your podcasts.

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