How to get an always-on display on your Android phone

always on android - How to get an always-on display on your Android phone

This feature is based on the logic that OLED displays do not require much power for displaying black pixels. Since only a portion of your screen is lit up when you are using the Always-on display and the rest is just a black screen, only a fraction of battery life would be consumed. The good news is, you can also try out this cool Always-on display feature on your Android device if it has an OLED display, even if it is not a Samsung device.

Here is how to get the Always-on Display feature on Samsung Galaxy flagship devices on your Android device.

Step 1: Install the app

First, download and install the Always-On AMOLED – BETA app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: Initial setup

Once the app is installed, open the app from your app drawer and then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed through the initial app setup process.

This includes providing permissions for the app to access your notifications and appear on top of other apps to be able to successfully display your notifications on the Always-on display once you lock your Android device.

Step 3: Enable the Always-on display

After finishing the initial setup process, you will be taken to the main page of the app where you can enable the first option to enable the Always-on display service on your device.

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