How to improve call quality on Android phones

improve quality call - How to improve call quality on Android phones

With features that let you like track your heartbeat and figure out exactly how long ago the dinosaurs walked the Earth being added to phones. It’s not exactly absent-minded of people to forget that the primary function of phones is to make calls.

But despite all the innovative features and all the bells and whistles the present-day smartphone comes packed with, the average quality of an audio call made through a phone is still quite lacking. Doing a few of the things that are listed below can greatly improve the quality of the calls that are made.

Make sure your microphone, earphone, and speakers are clear. The reason your calls are muffled or you can’t hear the speaker on the side at all might be because you might be covering the speaker or microphone or even earpiece. This could be why you are unable to get a call of sufficient quality. This could be your hand as well.  powered by Rubicon Project Holding your phone in a different position than what you usually do might do the trick.

The case of your phone might also be the thing that is blocking your speaker and bringing down the quality of the calls you make. Using a toothbrush with a super soft bristle to gently brush the cavities to remove debris of any kind that has accumulated there is also a great way to improve the quality of the call. Canned air which is usually used to clean keyboards can also be used to clear up the gunk and debris that may have accumulated.

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