How to keep CAPS lock ON on your Android phone keyboard

We all know how to type in upper case – by taping the caps lock key.

However, this types only one character in upper case and then the caps lock is turned off automatically.If you want to keep the CAPS lock on, then tap it twice continuously.

If you tap again, the CAPS lock will be turned off.

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  1. thanks dude… πŸ™‚ still discovering my new phone

  2. thx very much indeed – was looking for that function for quite a while πŸ˜‰

  3. Caps lock does not stay on… like a pc keyboard. It is not useful in spreadsheet when moving to the next cell turns the caps lock back off

  4. What if I want to maintain them on always?


    Caps lock doesn’t remains on,it turns off automatically while shifting to another cell in spread sheets.It’s very annoying when one has to press caps lock every time after filling each cell.can you please suggest any solution to this on while typing on androids or suggest any key board with this festure

  6. Y do I have to push the cap lock button at the beginning of a message to get a capital letter? It used to not do that. help please


  8. Taping the caps lock key to what? With what? Duct tape?

  9. David upton says

    You have to turn off autocorrect, on Samsung phone keyboard, at least. Or switch to another keyboard, like swype, which leaves caps lock on, even with aitocorrect on.

  10. Hold the caps button for two characters and then it would turn similar to what keyboard caps lock does in pc.

  11. Hold the caps button(arrow) for 4-5 seconds. Then it would work similar to what keyboard caps lock does in pc.

  12. Lock the Caps key (Android and iOS)

    See the Shift key? Just double-tap it. When you do, a little horizontal line will

    appear near the bottom of the Shift key, indicating that you’re in ALL CAPS mode.

  13. Prakash Murugeshan says

    Thank you…

  14. As mentioned above the caps locking in Android turns itself when shifting to another cell in a spreadsheet. Has this been solved?

  15. Caps lock is not staying in on even if you double tap

  16. JUNAID KHAN says

    thank you very much

  17. John Bell says

    I Just started having the problem.. Double tapping the caps key used to keep caps on.. Not anymore. I cold booted my phone and uninstalled/re-installed keyboard. It worked once and now not working again

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