How to keep your rooted Android phone safe from security threats

how to keep your rooted android phone safe - How to keep your rooted Android phone safe from security threats

Android is very prone to facing security threats. If security measures aren’t adopted, rooted Android phones act as an open platform where you can face a lot of security threats. Without security measures, harm can be caused to your android. There are several efficient and helpful tips which, if implemented, will help to secure your android from any possible viruses or threats.

Carefully managing the root access

You already have complete administrator access the moment you have rooted Android device. Although they have various advanced functions, they can be used in completely wrong ways by malicious apps. So it’s always better to be careful about the apps before giving them any form of root access.

Managing the permission of your app

Already granted permission are a common problem in the case of various apps that are found in the Google Play store. Appropriately managing the permissions is a very necessary thing to do. Be careful while accepting the terms as that way you can protect your data. Use Secure App Permission App to secure your android properly.

Use Apps Ops

Since F-Secure is not available on Play store, you can go for App Ops. This built-in feature with the app can actually help you while installing the apps and the permissions manager is also helpful in installing the apps.


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