How to magnify images on your Android phone

magnify images on android - How to magnify images on your Android phone

You have a few options for turning your Android smartphone into a digital magnifying glass. There are some great apps to choose from, or you can simply harness your phone’s built-in camera app.

Use the camera app

For a quick close-up look at something, open your camera and use the zoom function to move in on an object. You can snap a photo to examine in detail if needed. This can work well in a pinch, but a dedicated magnifying app will ultimately be more satisfying if it’s a feature you want to use fairly often.

Get a magnifier app

The Google Play store is full of apps that can act like a magnifying glass. Here are three top contenders:

Magnifier, Magnifying Glass with Flashlight

This free Magnifier app puts a lot of controls at your fingertips. You will need to give it permission to use your camera first. You can control brightness and zoom using the sliders or with gestures. Tap to focus the image and tap the lightning bolt symbol to turn on your flash for dark situations. There is a $1.99 option to upgrade to remove the ads. All in all, this is a capable and friendly magnifier app.

By Amanda Kooser

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