How to password protect your Android Apps

How to password protect your Android Apps - How to password protect your Android Apps

Listed below are some ways you can protect applications on your Android smartphone. And apps that you should consider locking with the provided tips include:

File Manager: Surely, your files are yours and yours only. No one, except you, the smartphone owner should have access to your files, folders, documents etc. And anyone who wants to see your files should have to go through you.

App store: You should lock your device’s app store as you don’t want anyone downloading or installing (harmful) applications on your phone without your permission.

Gallery: Same reason as file manager. Locking it allows you dictate who sees your pictures, videos, and other multimedia.

Others include Email app, instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts etc.), And social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

How to password protect your Android Apps

1. Using built-in app lock features

Get this, no version of the Android operating system has app-lock capability as a built-in feature (yet). However, certain OEMs like OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo have an app-locks incorporated into the Settings menu of their smartphones through their native modified Android OS.

2. Install Third-party app lock from Play Store

The Google Play Store is laced with tons of third-party apps that allow you to lock both system and installed applications irrespective of your phone’s manufacturer, model, operating system etc.

One of the most used and most trusted third-party app-lock is ‘AppLock’. With over half a billion downloads, AppLock (by DoMobile Lab) is equally the most downloaded lockscreen and app-lock app on the Google Play Store. At 5.3MB, AppLock is lightweight, wouldn’t take much of your device’s storage, and is packed with insane amount of security features.

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