How To Prevent Malware On Your Android

How To Prevent Malware On Your Android - How To Prevent Malware On Your Android

Here are some of tips & tricks which would help you in preventing malware on your Android Device.

Tip 1: Don’t Install Unknown Apps

The first tip on how to prevent malware on Android is by not installing any application from an unknown and non-trustworthy source. You might get an app link in an email, a text message or even on some spammy sites, We recommend you to stay away from such sources and not to install any APK {Android App Extension} files from such sources.

You never know it may be a malware or even a hackery that may cause some data loss or even hacking of banking applications. This leads us to our next to prevent malware on Android.

Tip 2: Password-Protect Your Phone

This might seem like a pretty normal thing but trust us this can help you from the malicious eyes easily. If your Smartphone has a Fingerprint Sensor or Face Unlock feature, then do use it. This will take your security game to the next level. Although this won’t protect your Android Device from any kind of Analog Hacking or Malware Attack, it does help in keeping your data secure.

Tip 3: Read the permissions

Wait, before you press that “Accept terms and conditions” without even reading them. Next time whenever you install anything on your Android Device, do take a look at all the permissions that the app requires in order to work on your Android Device. There are times when some malicious apps get installed on our phone which requires some unnecessary permissions like accessing the camera, sending and receiving emails. You should stay away from such apps.

Some of these permissions are even scarier than others. Some of the apps are also rumored to record the keystrokes of your Android Keyboard. One can easily grab your important credentials like your Passwords, OTPs, Card Details and more.


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