How to properly secure your Android to keep snoops out

Android Security - How to properly secure your Android to keep snoops out

For others out there, I’m sure there’s a different reason why their gadget’s security (or lack thereof) doesn’t cause them to lose sleep at night. It’s probably because they’re not aware of just how many threats are out there that can impact Android tablets and smartphones. For example, did you know there’s currently a mobile wireless flaw that allows hackers to pinpoint your exact location? And that’s just the beginning. Click here to discover more security risks every smartphone user should be aware of.

Lock your device properly

This seems obvious. Although it may place one extra step between you and your gadget’s content, it also adds a barrier for an unwanted visitor.

There are multiple ways to lock your Android device, including passwords, patterns, fingerprints and PINS. Most of these options offer great protection, however, we don’t recommend that you use a pattern. This is because patterns are much easier to guess or crack since your fingers leave smudges on the screen that can be traced back by hackers.

We also don’t recommend that you use any type of facial recognition as a security measure, especially since this feature on the Galaxy S8s can be fooled by holding a photo of you in front of your phone’s camera.

While we’re talking about lock screens, there’s also another related setting you should probably avoid. It’s called “Smart Lock On-body detection,” and it basically leaves your phone unlocked whenever it’s on your person. Which won’t be a problem unless you get pickpocketed. If someone can snatch your gadget from your back pocket or backpack, you’ve basically just given them free access to everything you have stored on it.

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