How to record calls on your Android phone

android phone recording - How to record calls on your Android phone

Use a call-recording Android app

Those of us with phones that aren’t running Pie still have access to apps that record calls. Here are some highly rated suggestions. I’m running Android 8.1 and these apps work with my phone.

Call Recorder-ACR: This popular app will first ask you to confirm that call recording is legal in your country. After that, Call Recorder-ACR (that stands for “Another Call Recorder”) will walk you through the simple setup process. You will also have to acknowledge that Google won’t allow the app to access or store phone numbers, though you can rename call recordings so you can easily find them later.

Once enabled, the app will automatically record your calls. You can pop into the app to manage your recordings. There’s also a toggle switch to enable or disable recording within the app’s settings. Call Recorder-ACR is a free, ad-supported download. A $3.99 pro version removes ads and includes premium features like the ability to record by contact.

By Amanda Kooser

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