How to record slow-motion videos on Android device?

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The ability to record slow-motion videos is another significant feature of Android. It is mostly there in all the modern smartphones that are coming out these days. This feature basically allows the users so as to slow down a particular part of the video. But only the flagship smartphones have the ability to record the slow-motion videos. A low or mid-end smartphone might not have the slow-motion video recording feature.

The slow-motion Video FX Android app is the best to enable slow-motion video.

First, download and install the Slow Motion Video FX app. It requires 40 MB of storage space.

Step 1: Download and install the app – Slow Motion Video FC on your smartphone.

Step 2: After installing it, open the screen. Step

3: Then tap on Slow Motion FX, choose from the Choose movie or record movie.

Step 4: Open the camera and then browse the video.

Step 5: Choose the starting and end frame.

Step 6: To set the frame to adjust the slider at the bottom.

Step 7: After that, tap on start and then select the filter, speed and music file.

Step 8: You can do everything according to your needs.

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