How to Recover a Deleted Folder on Android Devices

delete folder 1 - How to Recover a Deleted Folder on Android Devices

Did you accidentally delete a whole folder of photos from your Android phone? Are you looking for a way to undo it all? Well, you’re in luck. Follow the steps below and you’ll have access to access your precious pictures in no time.

Understanding Folders

No folder is safe from deletion. You can accidentally erase any type of content – be it images, videos, PDFs, etc. without notice.

It’s not always the user’s fault though. You can lose folders from corrupt SD cards or unexpectedly crashing phones.

Fortunately, modern devices have built-in features that enable data recovery. That means there are ways to recover lost files you might otherwise think are deleted forever.

Hidden Folders

Are you sure you lost your files? There is a feature that lets users hide folders for security reasons. You may have unwittingly enabled that option. To find hidden folders, follow the steps below:

Go to File Manager.

Tap Menu > Settings. Go to Advanced.

Tap Show Hidden Files.

By Christopher Jan Benitez

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