How to scan documents with your phone

scan document - How to scan documents with your phone

Despite all the promises of us living in a paperless world, hard copies of documents are still a part of our lives.

Whether it’s signing a new job agreement, sending receipts for expenses, or even sorting out a lease on your house, there are always times we need to quickly turn something physical into something digital.

Yes, you can take a normal photo with your phone, but often these are hard to read and just look, well, rubbish. Luckily, we’re here to show you how to get professional-looking scans on your phone.

This works on both Android and iOS, but we’ve illustrated it using an iPhone.

Step #1: download CamScanner

Head to the App Store on iOS, or Google Play on Android. Then simply search “CamScanner” (all one word) and download that app.

Don’t worry, it’s free!

Step #2: choose the photo source

You can select a photo from your library…

Step #3: snap away!

In this instance, we’re going to take a new photo. So, click on the appropriate icon and allow the app to access your camera.

You’ll see on the bottom of the screen that CamScanner has a range of different modes, but we’re going to take a single shot. I’ve chosen the contents page from William Strunk’s ‘Elements of Style’ as an example.

Now just click that button!

By Callum Booth

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