How to secure android phone from Malware

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You might have stored loads of data on your Android phone. But do you still believe it is secure? Some of us believe that our data is secure until our smartphone is not lost, but actually, intruders can steal your content through the internet, even when it is secured in your hands. Hence, expert advice to find some trusted methods to protect your data on an Android phone. Below we have highlighted the top 10 tips that can help you to protect your Android phone from malware attacks:

1. Use the screen lock function

The very first thing you can do to protect your data on the android handset is to lock it with a screen lock. Most of the people prefer to use pattern lock on their screen, but it is important to know that if your phone gets stolen, people can easily create that pattern by just following the finger marks on your screen. The second option to secure the data is using a PIN, but these four-digit numbers are also easy to crack. The best recommendation is to use secure passwords by following a unique combination of letters and numbers. It can help you stay safe from hacker’s attacks.

2. Apply SIM card lock

Yes, screen locks provide enough protection, but one can also protect the SIM card to make sure that it cannot be used on any other handset. The idea is to use a four-digit SIM lock on your phone. Users need to enter it every time when they need to connect to the network after turning on the mobile.

3. Protect sensitive information

The screen locks and SIM card locks play an important role in security, but the terrible fact is that handsets have readable storage units. It means, if your phone gets stolen, people can extract all data by just plugging it into a laptop or computer. In order to protect your internal device storage, it is better to add encrypted security codes that are required to be entered before opening or viewing any of the saved files. There are plenty of trusted apps that can also help to secure folders on your Android handset.


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