How to set your default SMS app on Android Lollipop

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If you take a gander in Google Play and look for SMS replacement applications, you’ll find a ton of them. For real, I weighed them. OK, not really, but there are a lot of them. The best part? Many of them arereally, really good and you’ll probably want to try them out. Android’s pretty cool about changing core applications, and thankfully most times it is easy to do.

This is one of those times. Setting the application to be the default for SMS and MMS is simple in Android Lollipop. In case you can’t watch the video above, here’s the process in a nutshell.

  • Open the settings on your device
  • Find the “Wireless & network” settings
  • Tap the “More” entry
  • Tap the “Default SMS app” entry and make your choice

It really is that simple. As a bonus, many third-party messaging apps have a quick link to the above in their own app settings. Look in the application settings for an entry about setting the default app, and chances are you’ll get right where you need to be so you can make the change.

We’re really digging into Lollipop and we’ll be bringing plenty more tips, tricks and how-tos as we find them.

by Jerry Hildenbrand

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