How to sign up for the Sonos Android beta

Sonos Android Beta 610x407 - How to sign up for the Sonos Android beta
(Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET)

In case you missed the news this morning, Sonos has announced completely revamped controller apps for both iOS and Android users.

The update isn’t quite ready for release yet, with a full-scale launch expected this spring. But for those Sonos users who also happen to be Android users, there’s a bit of good news in today’s announcement from the hi-fi music company.

Sonos is currently letting all Android users — and only Android users — beta test the new version of the app.

To sign up for the beta, simply visit the preview page for the new controller app and click the big yellow button to join (pictured above).

You’ll need to sign in with the same email address you used to register your Sonos system. Visit the “About my Sonos system” section in your current controller app if you can’t remember what email address you registered under.

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