How to stop random pop up ads on your Android device

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There are popups all over the web and ads in many free apps, but that’s to be expected. It’s the cost of using free services. But these ads are constrained to the app or website, and they only show up when you’re actively using it — they shouldn’t ever pop up when you’re using a different app or not using your phone at all.

So that’s not the type of ad we’re dealing with here. The type of popup that appears even when you’re not interacting with your phone is always caused by an adware app. Likely one that seemed to have legitimate functionality, and probably even an app you installed from Google Play. So it’s not always easy to identify.

Identifying & Removing the Adware

If it’s been happening for a while and you’ve ignored it, you can’t just uninstall the last app you installed. If it’s just now starting to happen, it’s either an app you installed recently or one that auto-updated recently.

Either way, there’s a super simple way to find out which app it is. As soon as the next ad pops up, go to your home screen and open the Play Store app before opening any other app. Open the hamburger menu, go to My Apps, then head to the Installed tab.


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