How to take a screenshot on Android Phones

How to take a screenshot on Android 2.3 and below - How to take a screenshot on Android PhonesIf you’re running Android 2.3 and below then you’re going to need to download an app to take a screenshot. This is where things get a little confusing as the effectiveness of the screenshot apps on offer vary from smartphone to smartphone.

If you’re willing to pay for an app to enable you to take screenshots on your Android smartphone – and you don’t want to go through the hassle of rooting your android then you should try the app No Root Screenshot It (£2.99). Bear in mind that “This application will instruct you to download and install a free desktop application on your Windows or Mac. Once installed, you must run the desktop application with your phone attached to your computer. This will enable screenshots on your phone”.

If you’re unwilling to pay for a screenshot app, the only advice we can offer is to search the Google Play store and trial a number of apps based on their star rating and find an app that works well with your device.

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